Students named heroes and win awards for success

Sussex ISC celebrating at a party

Hundreds of students successfully completed their course at the International Study Centre and will be progressing to study at the University of Sussex. They shared their success with friends and staff at the annual Sussex International Study Centre progression ceremony. 25 students also won an award for their outstanding contribution to the Centre.

The awards were given for the following areas and achievements:

  • Foundation Academic English Skills, to a diligent student who was named an “unsung hero” for achieving his aims through hard work and application
  • IY1 – CareerAhead, awarded for passion and drive in leading and inspiring a team to create a magazine based on the song ‘This is America’, and showing determination and commitment in seeing the vision through
  • Pre-Masters Academic English Skills, awarded for demonstrating original thinking capable of high-standard academic research.

Dedication to education

The event also included presentations on a variety of activities dedicated to education both at the Centre and beyond. One was the mentoring peer programme, MentISC, where more experienced students help others with settling in new life. Such peer support is invaluable to international students who are studying in the UK. Presentations were also given on CareerAhead, charity Building Futures, and the recently-launched Sussex Alumni Network, a group that connects graduates with fellow students. Students also had the opportunity to join the Sussex Alumni Network to keep in touch with each other. 

Special thanks to all students and staff who participated in the event, and Olly Walker at the International Study Centre for organising the ceremony.

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