Education in the UK

Why study at Sussex?

The high quality of a UK education is recognised around the world, and the University of Sussex is ranked among the top 20 universities in the UK. Studying at Sussex will help you achieve success in your UK degree, career, and in the world.

UK education system

The globally respected UK education system encourages you to think for yourself. Studying at the University of Sussex, you’ll develop key life and career skills that global employers look for in outstanding graduate job candidates. These include the ability to identify important questions and solve complex problems. 

You can study the following types of UK degree here:
1. Undergraduate (BA or BSc) 
2. Graduate (MA, MSc or MPhil)
3. PhD

Teaching and learning in the UK

Teaching at Sussex is founded on original research. This means you’ll be at the forefront of knowledge in your subject. Lessons take the form of seminars, tutorials and lectures. Learning how to present to an audience and take part in classroom discussions helps you prepare for a successful future career.

How you’ll learn at Sussex

Lectures may last for around one to two hours. They give you a chance to write notes that you can refer to when writing assignments or revising for exams.

Tutors at the University of Sussex are experts in teaching ambitious international students like you. They review your progress on an ongoing basis to ensure you’re developing to the best of your ability. Support is tailored to your individual needs.

When you start at the University, the type and number of assessments will depend on your degree. Some degrees involve continuous and regular assessment. Others may be assessed with a final exam.

This skill will help you to progress and make a difference in the world. You will manage your own workload with the support of your tutors.

Some degrees at Sussex involve an industrial placement. This allows you to gain experience in your chosen field through working in a real-world organisation.