About the ISC

Why the International Study Centre?

Studying at the International Study Centre will develop your confidence, boost your English language skills and give you the academic knowledge you need to succeed in an undergraduate or postgraduate degree at the University of Sussex, and beyond in your career. The International Study Centre programmes are provided by Study Group in collaboration with the University of Sussex.

Our courses:

On completion of your programme at the International Study Centre you will progress to the University, provided you have passed your exams and met the progression requirements. 

Settle in 

We are committed to helping you have an unforgettable experience at Sussex. Our friendly staff at the International Study Centre will be on hand to provide support and advice, and we’ll organise a range of exciting activities to help you get used to living in the UK. You will also have full access to university facilities, so you can get involved with campus life from day one. 

Get to know some of our staff whilst they react to messages from our former students talking about their experiences.

Stay on track

Our tutors are experts in teaching ambitious international students like you. We will review your progress on an ongoing basis to ensure that you are developing to the best of your ability. We will tailor our support to match your individual needs, encourage you to reach your goals and help you make your future. 

Build your confidence

You will learn in a supportive environment that offers small class sizes and individual tutor attention. We will develop your confidence and introduce you to university-style assessment and teaching, so that you know exactly what to expect when you start your degree. You will take part in seminars, tutorials and lectures, learn how to give effective presentations and take part in classroom discussions.

Focus on your career 

We know that you may already be thinking about your future career, which is why we have integrated a careers element into our academic courses at the International Study Centre. CareerAhead will guide you towards making the right choices and give you the tools you need to stand out in the competitive graduate job market.