Help and support

Students talking to a tutor at the International Study Centre

Support at the International Study Centre

Living and studying away from home brings with it exciting new experiences, and it can be challenging at times. It is all part of the process of developing as a person, and we are here to help you.

Supportive staff 

Support staff at the International Study Centre understand the challenges studying abroad can bring better than anyone. And they love to help. You might want to ask them for advice about your course, or you may simply want someone to talk to. Whatever you need, their aim is to support you to enjoy your Sussex student experience to the full.

Shared experiences

Don't forget, you will be surrounded by other international students who are going through a very similar experience to you. Meeting new people and sharing your experiences is a great way to settle in to life at Sussex. Watch our video for tips from former International Study Centre students who are now studying for a degree at the University of Sussex.

Services at the University of Sussex

Staff at the International Study Centre may also refer you to the excellent student support services available at the University of Sussex.

The Student Life Centre is the place to get advice and guidance on issues such as accommodation, fees, disabilities, mental health and learning needs. Friendly and experienced support staff also run groups and workshops to help you with university life. 

You’ll find a dentist, pharmacy and health centre on campus and a drop-in health centre in Brighton. The health centres provide medical care under the UK’s National Health Service (NHS). They are available to students from overseas who are on a full-time course of six months or more and register with the doctors on arrival. 

Sussex supports students from a range of different cultures and backgrounds. The University’s on-campus chaplaincy is called the 'Meeting House'. It hosts services for a range of denominations including the Jewish community. There is also a Muslim Student Centre on campus. 

Most academic buildings are accessible by wheelchair, although access routes can take longer. Sussex welcomes students of all abilities and will ensure their needs are taken into account during their time at the University.