Scholarship opportunities

Sussex ISC students walking to class

If you are currently studying at the International Study Centre, and plan to progress to a degree at the University of Sussex in September 2018, you may be eligible for one of the scholarships listed below.

Scholarships vary widely depending on the course, rewards and eligibility criteria so please read all terms and conditions carefully before you apply. 

Undergraduate scholarships

The Sussex Excellence Scholarship is a merit-based award recognising and rewarding undergraduate students who achieved excellent academic results at the International Study Centre.

  • £3,000 cash award in year one of a three or four year undergraduate degree.

Eligibility and how to apply

You will be automatically awarded the Sussex Excellence Scholarship if you achieve an overall average of 80% in the International Foundation Year course. There is no separate application form.

In order to receive payment, you must have (or need to open), a UK bank account, and the details of this account must be added to your Sussex Direct profile.

Postgraduate scholarships

There are also a number of postgraduate scholarships that might apply to current Pre-Masters course students who plan to progress to a postgraduate degree at the University of Sussex in September 2018.