Skills for success

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Prepare for your future with CareerAhead

At the International Study Centre ‭(ISC) we care about your academic ‭success, as well as your career once you ‭graduate. With your future career ‭in mind, we have integrated a new ‭careers service into our academic ‭courses at the ISC, called CareerAhead.

What does CareerAhead do?

CareerAhead is designed to give you ‭a head start in today’s competitive ‭graduate employment market by ‭helping you become a confident, ‭highly skilled and extremely ‭employable graduate. We will ‭guide you towards making the right ‭choices and using your time at ‭the University of Sussex productively, so that you can maximise ‭your chances of success in the ‭competitive job market. 

How it works

Stage 1: When you arrive at the ISC 

During the first semester at the ISC you will complete a skills ‭assessment questionnaire, ‭similar to the one used by ‭graduate employers. This will help ‭you think about the skills you ‭already have, such as planning ‭and organising. The results will ‭form the basis of your personal ‭career development plan. 

Stage 2: During your ISC course

As part of your course at the ‭ISC you will get an opportunity ‭to develop key employability ‭skills, such as leadership and ‭organisation, that can easily ‭be transferred to a professional ‭working environment. ‭You will develop the skills to write ‭a CV and a personal statement ‭that will make you stand out from ‭the crowd, and you will be able ‭to improve your presentation ‭and interview skills too. ‭We will also work with you in the ‭classroom, small groups and on ‭an individual basis, to build your ‭personal career development plan ‭– a unique set of assignments that ‭are relevant to your chosen career. 

Stage 3: When you go on to your degree at Sussex 

During your degree studies at ‭Sussex you will complete the ‭assignments set out in your ‭personal career development plan. ‭This will ensure that you graduate ‭not only with a globally recognised ‭degree, but also with the right ‭skills to secure a fantastic job ‭in your chosen future career.


“I started thinking about psychology during A Levels. I fell in love with it and thought it was a perfect subject for me, so I really wanted to go on to further studies in psychology. I hope to graduate, get my psychology degree and progress on to being a psychiatrist. 

I am planning to get involved in more ISC activities, so that I will be able to open myself up to others, make more friends and develop my organisational skills. I'm going to do volunteer work in Sussex and help others in need – that will also help me develop my leadership skills. I have to learn to plan ahead for a lot of things, so I will follow the plan as I go along during my studies.”

Davis from Hong Kong
International Foundation Year in Life Sciences and Psychology