Skills for success

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Prepare for your future career

At the International Study Centre ‭(ISC) we care about your academic ‭success, as well as your career once you ‭graduate. With your future career ‭in mind, we have integrated a variety of employability activities into our academic ‭courses at the ISC, called CareerAhead.

What does CareerAhead do?

CareerAhead is designed to give you ‭a head start in today’s competitive ‭graduate employment market by ‭helping you become a confident, ‭highly skilled and employable graduate. We will help you use your time at the University of Sussex proactively, so that you can maximise ‭your chances of success in the ‭future. 

The CareerAhead service is tailored to your level of study, whether you are preparing for undergraduate or postgraduate study. This means the guidance you receive will be relevant to your plans for the future. It will allow you to appreciate your strengths and focus on the areas you need to improve to achieve your goals. 

How it works

Stage 1: During your ISC course

As part of your course at the International Study Centre you will get the opportunity to develop key employability skills such as teamwork, time management, problem solving and communication, to help you succeed in a professional working environment. With our support you will learn how to create a professional CV and cover letter to ensure you stand out from the crowd. You will also get help to develop your presentation and interview skills.

We will help you create a personal development plan. This will ensure that you graduate not only with a globally recognised degree, but also the range of skills needed to help you secure a fantastic job in the future.

Stage 2: When you go on to your degree at Sussex 

During your degree studies at ‭Sussex you will complete the ‭assignments set out in your ‭personal career development plan. ‭This will ensure that you graduate ‭not only with a globally recognised ‭degree, but also with the right ‭skills to secure a fantastic job ‭in your chosen future career.

“I started thinking about psychology during A Levels. I fell in love with it and thought it was a perfect subject for me, so I really wanted to go on to further studies in psychology. I hope to graduate, get my psychology degree and progress on to being a psychiatrist. 

I am planning to get involved in more ISC activities, so that I will be able to open myself up to others, make more friends and develop my organisational skills. I'm going to do volunteer work in Sussex and help others in need – that will also help me develop my leadership skills. I have to learn to plan ahead for a lot of things, so I will follow the plan as I go along during my studies.”

Davis from Hong Kong
International Foundation Year in Life Sciences and Psychology