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International student on graduation day

Our students share their experiences 

Read the stories from our international students to discover what it's like to live and learn at the International Study Centre.

“Since I arrived in the UK, my English has improved a lot and now I can discuss with my group mates about the presentations we have during our classes. I can easily express what I am thinking and be involved in decisions we take. Before coming here I couldn’t speak English at all.

I like the teaching style here. It is quite different from Japan, where the teachers are very focused on what they know. At the ISC teachers hand down their knowledge but we also share our point of view and discuss it. The classes are more interactive. I am interested in every lecture because I always learn new things in all of them. 

My favourite course is International Relations, and I really like our teacher. She is very demanding, but it is good for me because then I always try to do my best and put all my effort in to produce the best work that I can. She is also very nice and takes care of us. 

Thanks to the International Year One I’ve discovered many subjects which really interest me. I am still thinking about my future, but I know that I want to study a Masters course in the UK because I enjoy my life here a lot!”

Natsumi from Japan
International Year One in International Relations and International Development

“After my bachelor degree in Singapore I wanted to get some experience by studying overseas. I chose the University of Sussex because its location is really good. Students here can enjoy the peace of the surroundings and the proximity to Brighton. 

When I arrived in the UK I did not have any idea about my future job. I chose Management and Finance which keeps all my options open. The ISC gives me all the academic knowledge I need so that I can progress at University. It also helps me to improve my English skills – especially the writing part which is really important for me. Tutors at the ISC are very friendly and the teaching here is different than at the University. ISC teachers are closer to students and they help me feel comfortable. 

I like the campus and its sport centre. I play hockey in the Sussex team. Practicing sports relaxes me and enables me to take a break from my studies. 

The most enjoyable thing in the UK has been meeting new people from different nationalities and expending my network of friends.”

Daren New from Singapore
Pre-Masters in Management and Finance 

“After high school I wanted to learn English and study overseas. I decided to study at the University of Sussex because the University is highly ranked.

Before I came to the UK, I did not have a background in finance, management and economics. The ISC provides me with this background knowledge and it gives me the opportunity to improve my English, especially my expressions. The ISC will enable me to study at the University of Sussex.

I love the green surroundings of Sussex and its proximity to Brighton. My favourite place on the campus is Arts Piazza coffee where I can relax and enjoy breaks with my friends.”

Ahmet from Turkey
Pre-Masters in Management and Finance

ISC student Natasha from Hong Kong

“Coming to study at the International Foundation Year at Sussex ISC was hard at the beginning, because leaving my home for such a long time was sad – I'm an only child. 

My parents wanted me to study at a different university at first but then we looked at progression rates and university rankings, and that's why I came to Sussex as the progression is really high. 

Since coming to the ISC I have changed a lot. I have become more independent. My teachers are really supportive. For example, my English teacher Karen asks us to email her when we have questions or requests. She always takes the time to answer and explain anything we didn’t understand. 

At the ISC the courses are more interactive. My favourite teacher Mark always makes jokes and asks us questions until we understand everything properly. He explains everything really clearly, so it is much easier when it comes to exam time. 

My parents have been a great inspiration to me, they both manage their own businesses. When I graduate I would like to have my own business but I need to get some work experience first. Without that, it would be difficult to succeed straight away. 

I would like to do a placement year at the University of Sussex so that I can work for a big international company. Last year I had a summer job at the South China Morning Post and it really appeals to work for a big company.”

Natasha from Hong Kong
International Foundation Year in Business, Management and Economics