About the Pre-Masters

Your course

This advanced course aims to fully prepare you for studying a postgraduate degree, so that you can go on to achieve success at Sussex, in your professional career and in the world.

Choose your subject route:

What you will learn

You will study a combination of core and subject-specific modules that focus on teaching you the English language, study skills, employability and academic areas most relevant to your chosen degree at Sussex.

Focus on your career

We know that you may already be thinking about your future career, which is why we have integrated a careers element into our academic courses at the ISC. We will guide you towards making the right choices and give you the tools you need to stand out in the competitive graduate job market.

Your assessment

We will assess your progress regularly to ensure you are on track to complete your course successfully, so that you can go on to study your chosen degree at Sussex. You’ll participate in exams, seminar discussions, group projects, presentations and essays as part of your overall assessment.

Study plan options

Overall IELTS Semesters  June - Aug Sept - Dec Jan - April May- Aug Sept
4.5 4 EPM EPM  ✓  ✓ Start your Masters degree
5.0 3 EPM  ✓  ✓  
5.0 3   EPM  ✓  ✓
5.5 2    ✓  ✓  
5.5 2      ✓  ✓
6.0 1      ✓  
6.0 1        ✓

Please note: January 2016 & September 2016 start dates are available for Management and Finance, Media Journalism and Film Studies routes only. 

English language courses

If you need to improve your English language and/or raise your IELTS score, you can study one of our English language courses before or during your Pre-Masters course.

Places available

Don't miss the opportunity to study at Sussex.

Semester dates

September 2016 start:

Semester 1:
12/09/2016 - 16/12/2016

Please note: not all routes are available at each start date. See the Study plan options.

Sussex student Matthew

'My Pre-Masters was the perfect transitional year to help me prepare for a new study environment.'

Matthew from China
Pre-Masters in Management and Finance
MSc in Managing Innovations and Projects