Life in the UK

A vibrant place to live

International students choose the UK not only for the excellent quality of its universities, but also for its world-famous culture, beautiful countryside and exciting cities. The University of Sussex campus is in a unique location. It is surrounded by peaceful countryside, but only nine minutes by train from the lively city of Brighton. This seaside city on the south coast of England is an inspiring place to live and study.

Outside of Brighton

Brighton is only an hour on the train from London, which has excellent transport links to the rest of the UK. You can take advantage of the student discount to explore the rest of the country.

For international travel, Sussex is the home to Gatwick Airport. You can reach Gatwick from Brighton in 30 minutes. Sussex’s proximity to London means you have the choice of many airports, so you are able to visit almost any country.


 Weather in Brighton

On average, the south coast tends to be the sunniest part of the UK. On warm days, Brighton’s pebble beach is filled with people enjoying seaside picnics, ice cream and cool drinks.

Sometimes you can experience different types of weather in one day. So it’s best to wear layers you can remove and keep your coat close by. Rain can fall at any time of year.

Summer – June to August

Typically, these are the warmest, sunniest and driest months, with little rain. Average temperatures of around 14-22°C

Autumn – September to November

After summer, the weather gets colder and windier. Rain is more frequent. Average temperatures of around 8-14°C.

Winter – December to February

Usually the coldest and wettest months, with frost and ice. Snow sometimes falls. Average temperatures of around 2-6°C.

Spring – March to May

After winter, the weather is sunnier and warmer but can still be wet and windy. Average temperatures of around 6-13°C.


Discover more important information you will need when living in the UK.

You can pay by card in most shops, bars and restaurants. It’s best not to carry large amounts of cash. Many people in the UK have MasterCard or Visa credit cards. American Express and other cards are also accepted.

Cash machines (also called ATMs) are located in cities, towns, airports, university campuses, and many other places. They are available to use 24 hours a day. To get money out of an ATM, you need a debit or credit card, and a four-digit pin code.

The NHS (National Health Service) is the UK’s public healthcare system. It gives the public access to doctors and hospital treatments. Private (non-NHS) healthcare is also available but can be very expensive. Residents of EEA countries and Switzerland can use the NHS for free with a valid EHIC (European Health Insurance Card). International students from non-EEA countries will have to pay a ‘health surcharge’ to use the service.

If you ever feel ill or need help with a health issue, the Sussex campus has a dentist, pharmacy and a health centre. There’s also a drop-in centre in central Brighton where you can get medical treatment.

Each year, millions of tourists visit Brighton to experience its friendly and creative atmosphere. The inspirational city embraces individuality and diversity.

You’ll feel safe and welcome living in the UK. International students get the same level of protection as UK citizens. You’re also required to abide by the same laws. This means that if you witness a crime, you should report it to the police.