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Celebrating new and progressing students

Posted 07 March 2017

As part of the International study centres 10 year anniversary we have been celebrating new and progressing students.

Instagram takeover

Michelle, a progressing Sussex International Study Centre student and now university of Sussex student took over our Instagram page to tell her story of student life at Sussex.

A budding photographer, Michelle spent the week sharing her student life across a series of posts taken by her.

Michelle Elizabeth Hui Wai Yee
Aged 18
Studied at the University of Sussex’s International Study Centre

"I am a Malaysian student currently studying media and communications with a psychology pathway at the University of Sussex. I am someone that turns to photography as a way to help me express and learn more about myself and world around me. Taking walks along the campus boundary with my trusty camera in hand, there is always a chance for adventure. Partaking in activities that are held by societies, give me the opportunity to expand and explore skills that can’t be learned from a book. As for those that personally know me, I love being out and about. Doing new things and making new friends is what I absolutely live for. I enjoy the art of photography; the idea of what cameras can do is fascinating. We hear the sayings, ‘A picture speaks a thousand words’ and ‘A picture is just a frozen moment in time’ but what I see is how we’re able to share these frames and connect with the ones around us. That’s what I want to do. With the use of photography, I hope to capture moments of the activities that I do throughout the week. As a student, I know that juggling a social life, keeping up with readings, participating in societies and setting time aside for ourselves is difficult but I’d like to show that it is indeed possible."

Check out some of the photos that Michelle posted below, or head to our Instagram to see more.

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