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Hala answers: why study social sciences?

Posted 11 March 2021
A University of Sussex International Study Centre student smiling at the camera.

Hala, from Qatar, is a student ambassador at the University of Sussex International Study Centre. She is currently studying the International Foundation Year in Business, Media, and Social Sciences and has chosen the social sciences route. Read on to discover why she chose her subject and her goals for the future.

I chose to study social sciences because it will allow me to explore various social concepts with the critical skills needed. I'm a very open-minded person, with interests in different cultures, languages, and societies from all around the world, so the subject is perfect for me.

What are social sciences?

Social sciences are the study of society, human behaviour, globalization, and other interesting and exciting stuff. One reason I chose the route was to build incredible critical thinking and analytical skills that are both helpful in my studies and personal life.

The subject includes some law, politics, and gender studies which are so compelling when put together (trust me, I didn't like politics before taking this programme).

Why choose social sciences?

I think the subject is fascinating and exciting because I get to do many case studies. For example, current global conflicts and possible solutions, trade and its effect on the environment, and political conflicts. This allows me to develop excellent communication, listening, and speaking skills because it's all about discussions and teamwork. This helps us students learn from each other, respect and listen to each other’s opinions and ideas, and work together to reach a solution for what we are discussing.

Future career goals

My future goals are to volunteer and work in non-governmental organizations that have to do with troubled youth and societies. Having a degree in social sciences will help me explore countless jobs as I think it has a bit of everything! Communication skills with different people, critical thinking skills to generate better ideas, and problem-solving skills to quickly find practical solutions for any issue! Studying and obtaining a degree in social sciences will allow me to better understand the differences between people, and serve our community, society, and youth for a better tomorrow for coming generations!

To anyone that’s looking for a subject that will never bore you, a subject that will value your opinion and allow you to present it and learn from others, social sciences is definitely for you and it won’t let you down!

You can progress to both undergraduate and postgraduate social sciences degrees from our pathway programmes at the University of Sussex International Study Centre. Learn more about our courses here.


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