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Make the most of your time at university

Posted 22 August 2018

Studying in the UK is not only about the work you do in class. Student life on campus, discovering the local area, and becoming a member of a vibrant society are all exciting things you can experience while in Sussex.

Fun things to do in Brighton

Brighton gives you a unique English seaside experience. Home to two universities, it is a bustling city with a relaxed atmosphere. The city is just a few minutes from campus by train. With events throughout the whole year to suit everyone’s interests, you will easily find activities and events you enjoy while studying here.


Living in an international city, you will benefit from having international cuisine at your doorstep. Try new food at:

  • Brighton & Hove Food and Drink Festival in May
  • Sussex and the World Weekender in August
  • Thai Festival in August.

The city also has a large community of vegans, vegetarians and sustainable food supporters – you will not be short of culinary choices.

If you are worried about finding food from home, Brighton has specialist shops selling food from all over the world.


Being by the sea, you can swim, go kayaking or paddle boarding, and also join one of the biggest sporting events locally:

  • Brighton & Hove Full and Half Marathon in April and February
  • Paddle Round the Pier in July
  • London to Brighton Bike Ride in June
  • Ice skating at the Royal Pavilion from November to February.

Music and arts

This is a place of creative and talented people from all over the country and the world. You can enjoy their work if you go to:

  • Artists’ Open Houses exhibitions in May and December
  • Brighton Fringe Festival between May and June
  • Brighton Festival in May
  • Brighton Early Music Festival between October and November.

Explore the local area

Brighton is a pretty city, just like its surroundings. You can go to:

  • The South Downs for a hike
  • Newhaven Cliffs for a walk by the sea
  • Brighton Marina, the largest marina in Europe, with stores and restaurants and a stunning quayside location.

London is only an hour away by train, offering you even more opportunities to explore the country.

How to improve your English

Becoming a better English speaker will make you more confident. There is no need to worry – you will be surrounded by English speakers, so your language skills will improve in the first few months.

For some fun ways to get better at English outside the classroom, you can:

  • watch your favourite Netflix show with English subtitles to get a feel of the language and see how words are spelt
  • read a book in English you like and have already read in your mother tongue, looking up words you don’t know
  • listen to podcasts on topics you are interested in and explain what you have learnt to friends
  • download a free language learning app on your phone and learn on the go.

Living in Sussex and studying at the International Study Centre is the experience of a lifetime. Hear about our students' experiences.