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Student blog: fun things to do in Brighton

Posted 09 June 2016

I’m located in Brighton at the University of Sussex. It’s a great university located on the South Downs with a great view. 

They have over 200 different societies to join and it makes it easier to make new friends. I’m part of the polo society and I have had lots of fun with the rest of the members in the polo team. 

Brighton is a lively and vibrant city filled with a lot of young diverse people and tends to have a lot of tourists. It is just 55 minutes away from the centre of London. It has a beautiful pebble beach with a pier were you can play games and go on rides and it has lovely historical buildings, if you want to go site seeing. 

My favorite place to go is the south lanes and North Laine, which have local coffee shops and stores. I love to go window shopping in the lanes because they have different odd things you can buy.

Brighton Marina is another area that should be visited. It has different things to do, it has a harbour, restaurants, different shops and in the summer you are able to do different water sports. One of my favorite restaurants at the Marina would be the Indian called the Blue Mango.

As I come from Zambia I take advantage of being in the UK by travelling, as its much easier. I have been to Manchester, Bournemouth, Leeds and London, I have also been to Tenerife in Spain and I plan to travel a lot more while I’m doing my degree. I advise students to take advantage and travel as each town in England is different and it will be a great experience, and not even just in the UK, travelling around Europe as well.

By Jasmine from Zambia
Studied International Foundation Year in Business, Management and Economics

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