International Study Centre

What to expect in your first week at the International Study Centre

Posted 16 August 2018

Welcome to the International Study Centre

Staff here are looking forward to welcoming you. Once you arrive and settle into your accommodation, we will help you get to know your new home better.

Your Induction Programme

On your first day on campus, you should arrive on time to hear all you need to know to get ready for your studies. The Induction Programme covers everything from opening a bank account to learning more about your programme.

Why you should attend induction

Don’t miss out on events during your first week. You will:

  • learn what grades you have to achieve to progress to university
  • meet your new classmates and neighbours
  • join social events to experience student life
  • go on a campus tour and explore all the facilities you can use.

Check key start dates for your course to make sure you arrive on time.

There is more to your Induction Programme and the beginning of your journey at the International Study Centre. Read our pre-arrival guide for practical tips and things to remember.

How to make friends at university

Every student you meet on campus is going through the same experiences as you. Having just moved to the UK to study at the International Study Centre, everyone is looking for new friends.

Join clubs and societies

Find what you are interested in and join a group of students that share the same interest. University societies have regular meetings and often continue socialising together at a restaurant or elsewhere on campus at other times.

Say hello to your neighbours

You see people you study with every day, but you can get to know someone well especially if you share a living space. Have a meal together or ask them about their home country to make the first step to a lifelong friendship.

Meet your online friends

If you joined our Facebook group before you arrived, it’s time to meet your fellow classmates. Invite them to meet up at a cafe or at the Students' Union and you'll soon have a group of friends on campus.

Discover the ways to stay happy while at university.