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International Study Centre celebrates 99% progression rate to the University of Sussex

Posted 17 November 2017

Students at the International Study Centre achieve excellent results – 99% of them have received an offer to study at the University of Sussex. This outstanding performance showcases the strong preparation students have thanks to our dedicated staff and the robust academic courses they teach.

Regina is one of our successful alumni. She completed the International Foundation Year in Law, International Relations and Sociology to later graduate from the University.
“The International Study Centre prepared me really well. I think that I was even more prepared than English students who started their first year at the University. Through the whole International Foundation Year, the teachers taught us how to study in England, how to study at Sussex, how to use library and how to use different facilities on campus.”

The International Study Centre provides a range of academic courses to give students the support and skills needed for success at Sussex and beyond. From improving your English language skills as an international student to preparing you for a successful postgraduate degree, we help you get where you want to be.

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