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Why choose the UK?

Every year thousands of students choose to study abroad in the UK. The UK is home to some of the oldest and best ranked universities in the world, and its education system is globally recognised. A degree from a well-respected UK university will help you stand out to employers. The UK also offers an excellent quality of life for students - whether you want to live in a busy city or be surrounded by beautiful green spaces. You can discover a diverse, multicultural environment while enjoying the UK's rich history of culture, music, arts, innovation, commerce and education.

Living in the UK

The UK is a friendly and multicultural country. You’ll feel safe and welcome when you study abroad here. Discover what makes the UK such a popular place to live and study - from history and culture to famous British food.

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Education in the UK

Studying in the UK helps you develop key life and career skills that global employers look for. UK universities offer top quality teaching, leading facilities, and welcoming, diverse campuses. 

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What are the benefits of studying abroad?

Studying abroad is a unique and enriching experience that will give you a global perspective. When you live and study overseas you will develop a lot of important skills - both inside and outside the classroom. You will improve your academic knowledge by studying your undergraduate or postgraduate degree. Your English language skills will also improve, as you’ll be speaking to native speakers every day. Studying overseas will also develop your verbal and written communication skills to a high level, which many employers will find attractive. When you study abroad you will grow in confidence and become more independent.

Find the best of British education at the University of Sussex

The University of Sussex is the perfect university for forward-thinkers who are focused on their UK education and future career. The University has a unique culture, sculpted by the individuality of its hometown. Students who are looking for a well-ranked UK university in a safe and welcoming city will find The University of Sussex has much to offer them. You'll have access to top facilities and leading academics, while living and studying in a vibrant city famous for its arts and culture. And a course at the International Study Centre can help you get there. See the range of study programmes available to students who want to come and study abroad in the UK.