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Why study business in the UK?

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Studying business is an option that many students choose, due to the versatile nature of the degree and the prospective careers that can stem from it. Many universities around the world specialise in the subject, but there are few locations better suited to its enterprising nature than the United Kingdom. With many populous cities that boast a great variety of company headquarters and industry-leading businesses, the UK is a fantastic setting to study business and experience the full potential of the degree.

Why study business at university

On top of being a versatile degree that is perfect for ambitious, career-focused individuals, there are many beneficial reasons to study business.

Develop communication and project management skills

Alongside all the business-centric knowledge you will learn, studying a business degree will help you to gain great management skills while improving on your communication abilities. These are vital attributes to have as an employee, as they will allow you to work with many different types of people and to progress in your career.

Multiple disciplines

With a business degree, you can go into almost any kind of career. During your time studying this subject, you will learn the fundamentals of good business practice, preparing you to run your own company or successfully enter an established corporation. Many business management graduates in the UK go on to careers in sectors like finance, HR, marketing and sales (Prospects, 2020), while more experienced business practitioners often progress into consultancy.


Upon completing a business degree with good grades, you will be a prime candidate that employers will be eager to hire. With your understanding of business practices and industry knowledge, as well as experience of working to a variety of briefs and completing tasks to a high standard in a timely manner, you will be a dynamic asset to any professional team. Many business degrees also incorporate a year of work experience, which is a great opportunity to further advance your employability.

Be your own boss

With the versatility of a business degree, a popular option for graduates is often entrepreneurship. Starting your own business is a good way to cater to your own personal business skills and interests, as you build a unique career for yourself. Hard work and dedication, as well as significant financial investment, are required for this path. Growing a successful business can be highly rewarding, both financially and motivationally.

Reasons to study business in the UK

If you decide you want to study business, there are many reasons why you should explore taking on a degree at a British university like the University of Sussex.

International setting

Studying at university is a broadening experience, and one that will teach you many life lessons - the benefits of this are advanced in a multicultural, globally-influenced setting such as the UK. With as many as 485,600 international students choosing to study in the United Kingdom during the 2018/19 academic year (House of Commons Library, 2020), British universities are diverse institutions with a great capacity for teaching students from all around the world.

English is the global language for business

Companies all over the world use English in their offices and to do business. Larger, multinational corporations will almost exclusively hire candidates with a good level of English fluency, so learning and practicing the language is a great way to improve your career prospects. Studying in the UK will give you the opportunity to develop your English language skills and use them in daily life, thus allowing you to improve your business English to be best-prepared for an international corporate setting in your career after graduating.

Shorter courses

Another benefit of studying in the British higher education system is that the university courses offered here are generally shorter than in other English-speaking nations, like the US and Canada. The standard length of an undergraduate degree in the UK is three or four years, depending on whether you opt to do a placement year. Even if you want to extend your study or gain specialist knowledge on a particular area of business, postgraduate degrees are generally only one or two years long.

Academic excellence

The British education system is one of the oldest in the world, and acclaimed for producing a high quality of alumni. Many of the world’s most distinguished politicians and businessmen have famously studied in the UK. The historic prestige of a British degree is not only impressive, but will prove to future employers that you have the ability to thrive within an elite community of academics, and in turn are an intelligent candidate with real promise.

Graduate prospects

Gaining a degree from a British university, especially from a highly ranked business school like Sussex’s, can give you a competitive edge when applying for career opportunities or work placements, as employers from around the world hold a business degree from the UK in high regard. With international influential cities like London and Leeds, you will be exposed to the fast-paced business industry and have more opportunity to enter careers in the prominent businesses based here.

Study business at the University of Sussex

The University of Sussex is a brilliant place to study business for a number of reasons. Based in the south coast city of Brighton, less than an hour from the country’s economic and cultural hub of London, the University’s business school is ranked within the UK’s top 10 for Business and Economics* and is EQUIS and AMBA accredited. Further to this, Sussex ranks 5th in the UK for graduate prospects in Accounting and Finance**, making it a great option if you are considering entering a career in financial business too.

The University of Sussex International Study Centre (ISC) provides preparational programmes for students who want to study a degree at this esteemed university. Offering a variety of tuition options for both undergraduate- and postgraduate-level study, the ISC is the ideal place to lay the groundwork for your success in a business degree. The International Foundation Year, International Year One and Pre-Masters Programme, will allow you to progress to study a business degree of your choice upon completion. Each of our programmes are designed to prepare you for your education at Sussex by teaching the academic skills needed to achieve your full potential, as well as focusing on improving your English language abilities and supporting you to settle into life as a student in a new country.


How long does it take to get a degree in Business?

The typical business degree in the UK takes three years to complete at undergraduate level. If you wish to develop your skills and knowledge further you can do so with a postgraduate degree, which will take an additional year to complete. 

What subjects do you need to study business?

To be successful in studying business you will need core subjects such as maths and English. It is also helpful to have an understanding of economics, IT and computing and it is a good idea to have an A-Level (or equivalent) in business studies. 

Is business management in demand in the UK?

Having a business management degree, such as one of the Business and Management programmes at the University of Sussex International Study Centre, will prepare you to work in a role that is in demand. Business management is a large part of every sector of industry, therefore meaning there is always a need for business managers. 

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