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International Year One in
Business and Management

International Year One in
Business and Management

Studying Business and Management

The International Year One in Business and Management is your route to a variety of Business and Management degrees at the University of Sussex. You will study a range of business and management-focused modules, including accounting, business law, business management, economics, marketing and organisational behaviour.

You will also develop your English language skills and future employability as part of this programme.

Please note: All International Year 1 Courses are Subject to Revalidation in March 2020

What you’ll study

Academic English Skills aims to provide you with thorough training in the language and related academic skills which will enable you to best achieve your academic potential at University. These skills include the processes of academic writing, effective and extensive reading strategies, effective participation in seminars and delivery of presentations, and listening to and recording information effectively from lectures. You will also develop the accuracy and range of written and spoken language required to use language effectively and appropriately, with clarity and confidence in an academic context.

The main aim of the module is to provide you with an opportunity to develop an understanding of key concepts and principles relating to law affecting business. This will include an outline understanding of the English legal system including sources of law, as well as the law of contract. You will develop an understanding of commercial law aspects with regard to law of agency and intellectual property law and how they would apply to business organisations. You will be provided with an opportunity to understand the key areas of law and how they relate to business operations.

This module aims to expose you to a broad range of necessary skills required to support and develop independent learning. The module aims to develop your criticality in reading, writing and source selection and teach you how to organise your thoughts and arguments in a logical sequence. Referencing has a particular focus on referencing tools in Word and on-line. There is an emphasis on team work, speaking and listening skills and being able to take part in discussions and presentations.

The aim of this module is to give a broad introduction into the fundamentals of financial and management accounting. This module begins by looking at a range of financial statements for different business entities and introduces techniques to analyse the statements to determine performance and manage working capital. It touches upon profitability at differing levels of production, as well as introducing simple investment appraisal techniques to distinguish between profitable and unprofitable projects.

This module will provide you with an introduction to business management and organisational issues to provide a foundation of understanding to be developed by further studies. In this module you will explore the relationship between stakeholders including entrepreneurs and the organisation in addition to the important issues relating to organisational processes, structures and strategies. You will be introduced to key influences affecting the business environment including business ethics, innovation, globalisation and economic and social trends.

This module aims to give you an understanding of basic concepts and terminology relevant to economic theory. You will learn how these concepts are used to explain and analyse business situations. By the end of the module you should be able to gather economic data from reliable sources, and interpret and communicate their understanding effectively.

This module aims to provide you with an introduction to the fundamental concepts and principles of the marketing process. It will explore the relationship between marketing and other corporate disciplines and their roles in contributing to business performance. You will investigate market research techniques and how consumer behaviour in a range of markets influences marketing strategies in a changing business environment. This module will provide you with a concise and contemporary overview of marketing and give you the knowledge and skills to underpin further study in this specialist field.

This module aims to show how key models in the field of study can assist in explaining organisation behaviour. You will learn to apply these models selectively and appropriately with an understanding of their usefulness and limitations in improving business performance.

*Studied by all students.

Your degree at Sussex

This course can lead to the second year of an undergraduate degree listed below (subject to meeting the grades outlined). The degrees and grades listed are valid for 2019/20 intakes only and are subject to change.

Degree Programmes Award Overall Grade English Grade
Business and Management Studies BSc (Hons) 40% 60% (60% writing, 50% other skills)
Business and Management Studies (with a professional placement year) BSc (Hons) 40% 60% (60% writing, 50% other skills)
International Business BSc (Hons) 40% 60% (60% writing, 50% other skills)
International Business (with a professional placement year) BSc (Hons) 40% 60% (60% writing, 50% other skills)
Marketing and Management BSc (Hons) 40% 60% (60% writing, 50% other skills)
Marketing and Management (with a professional placement year) BSc (Hons) 40% 60% (60% writing, 50% other skills)

Entry requirements

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